Happy Easter yarn dye session


As a totally non-religious person I tend to get bored on holidays so I usually use the time to try something new and fun.

In Germany it is a so called quiet holiday so you are not even allowed to listen to loud music. The stupid law does not say anything about dyeing yarn though! So here it is, my first try, using Easter egg coloring and Lanagrossa Meilenweit 6fach yarn. It is 80% wool so it took on the colors beautifully.

Spiral Rug


photo (3)


While I was working on the pattern for the spiral socks (free download, yeeha, you should really try them!) I thought: “Wouldn’t it be cool, to crochet a spiral in more than two colors?” Well, it turned out: It would indeed!

As the usual yarn-horder I had quite the amount of t-shirt-yarn in my stash. And after finding out that huge doilies only look cute on the internet and not on your actual kitchen floor, I decided to crochet a nice warm spiral rug based on a four-color-spiral. I did not know yet where to put it once it was finished, I just wanted to practice my spiral-crochet-skills.

The rug is done now and warms my feet while feeding my little one at night in my comfy chair. I love how it turned out. Although I have to admit that it took me forever, because like with every project you start in the middle the rounds get bigger and bigger and more boring all the time. Whatever, the rug is done, I love it, baby loves it, and everybody is happy.

Pattern-Review: Parker Cable Socks



I admit, I have been creeping around the Parker Cable Socks by Lakeside Loops for quite a while. These socks look just adorable! But I always need a while to decide whether to pay for a pattern or not (too many times my crochet-heart has been broken). But not this time!

In my opinion this pattern is really worth its money.  You get 11 (eleven!!!) sizes, from itty bitty baby socks up to huge basketball player socks. Also, the heel is just amazing. Really, it is! It is comfy, stretchy and so cleverly done, I am impressed.

Cables are tough

For me cables are always a bit tiresome. They look great and all but it just takes forever to make them. The extra-beautiful cables of the Parker Socks are in my opinion extra-tiresome. But hey, that is just me and this is really the only tiny bit about the parker cable socks that I find annoying. I solved the problem by doing easier cables, which I copied by looking at another pattern by the same designer. 

I am currently experimenting with self striping yarn and the easier cables. I really like the result. Although I am so obsessed with the original gray and white version that I will probably try to do that with the easier cables as well.

The spiral sock pattern

Allgemein, crochet


I am a little bit obsessed with crocheted socks. The only problem is that it is really hard to find a pattern that works. Most of them look pretty, but once the sock is finished, it is so stiff that it does not fit. Or the heel looks stupid. Or the pattern is too complicated. Or it takes forever to make.